Collaborate (Partner with us)

Working with like-minded individuals really gets us off.
Here’s a few ways we can get it on. 😉


Some of our best ideas simply can’t be captured fully in the short space of an article. Some ideas are best felt rather than explained. And so, we like to organize meetups/workshops/tours from time to time, and one of our future events just might be the way to promote your place (cafe/resto/etc.), product, or advocacy. If this sounds like you, then holla!


Through forward-looking design, marketing, and entrepreneurship, we work on creating meaningful products with you. Note that we like to ask questions about your business, team, processes, and intentions, just to make sure we’re on the same page. So if you value the MUNI touch and our stamp of approval, then by all means, holla!


If you’d like to collaborate with us in other ways we haven’t thought of yet, holla as well!
We love hearing about new ideas! 🙂

Team Muni

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