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Conscious Christmas List: 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Every Budget

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Note: This list is a personal list made by the author, and is not a paid post. This does not represent a list vouched for by MUNI in its entirety, and there are many other brands that could also fall within this list but just did not make it to the author’s cut at this time. 

Christmas season usually ushers in chaos, confusion, even more horrendous traffic and panic-buying for those of us who cannot escape the tradition / social norm of gift-giving.

As a result, most people usually wind up giving and receiving more Christmas sweets than we can consume without getting diabetes (also usually painfully over-packaged in layers of foil and cellophane), every kind of hand soap (in various plastic containers), and oftentimes, random other products we don’t really know what to do with and can’t figure out how to politely dispose of (therefore a waste of resources in production and transport, and a pending landfill problem).

While I feel we should spend more time and resources on creating special memories with loved ones vs. filling their lives with more stuff, I recognize that people WILL consume nonetheless. Fortunately, there are products / gift ideas that are actually useful and meaningful.

I’ve made a rundown of Zero Waste Gift Ideas for varying budgets, recipient personas (for the foodies, the style savvy, zero waste explorers, travelers, etc.), and recipient sensibilities to zero waste living (from not so savvy, to those ready take it to the next level).

Read all the way ’til the end for the best (and bonus) ideas, and zero waste factoids! 🙂 (more…)

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The Psychology of Creating A Waste-Free World

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#MUNIonThis: Not everyone has a fiery zeal to protect the planet, and environmentalists can often be met with strange stares by their peers.

Many people can’t quite imagine having to bring around reusable receptacles and containers whenever they step out of the house. They can’t imagine never buy new clothes or gadgets again, etc. And now, they just don’t have enough time to DIY everything or enough money to bulk buy everything.

Some planet crusaders can take things to an extreme that other people find hard relating to. So how can we make this matter to people so that they care and act accordingly? (more…)

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Founder’s Diary: Love for La La Land + Preparing for Uncertainty in 2017


[This is a series of articles on reflections & ruminations on striving for mindfulness as a founder / entrepreneur.]

It’s two weeks into the new year, and I would have wanted to share with you all our nicely laid out plans for 2017, but we haven’t gotten it all figured out. The future is fuzzy, and it’s okay. (Really.)

La La Love

Yesterday, I put off writing this blog post to spend time with my family and watch La La Land. (No spoilers here, promise.) (more…)

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MUNI Meetup: Creativity & The Brain on October 5

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#MUNIonThis: What are our brain’s defaults, and how might we build good brain muscles to mindfully overcome them? How can we get manage self-defeating thoughts, creative blocks, and brain hyperactivity in order to focus, center ourselves and put our best, most meaningful work out there?

We’ll hear some thoughts from an interdisciplinary set of guests including: (more…)

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How To Train Your Brain for Wellness, Focus and Peace

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#MUNIonThis: We often think of our fitness regimen in terms of our physical strength, flexibility or endurance. However, there is an area we often neglect in this world of overstimulation and overworking that leaves us with little time to really think about things and train arguably our most important organ: our brain.

According to a study conducted on “Brain mechanisms on conditioning and learning” as early as 1966 by R.B. Livingston, and validated in subsequent psychological studies, many aspects of the brain remain changeable well into adulthood; it does not stop developing in formative years as some believe. This describes neuroplasticity, or the lasting change that occur to the brain throughout an individual’s life course. [1]

A lengthy discourse can ensue on the complexities of the human brain, the influence of upbringing, one’s environment, and so on, but to encourage you to explore this idea without risk of excessive nose bleeding, let’s just say that the brain is like a muscle, one that we can “work out” on our way to mental, emotional and physical health.

What do we train our brain to do? What thoughts do we feed it?