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Conscious Christmas List: 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas for Every Budget

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Note: This list is a personal list made by the author, and is not a paid post. This does not represent a list vouched for by MUNI in its entirety, and there are many other brands that could also fall within this list but just did not make it to the author’s cut at this time. 

Christmas season usually ushers in chaos, confusion, even more horrendous traffic and panic-buying for those of us who cannot escape the tradition / social norm of gift-giving.

As a result, most people usually wind up giving and receiving more Christmas sweets than we can consume without getting diabetes (also usually painfully over-packaged in layers of foil and cellophane), every kind of hand soap (in various plastic containers), and oftentimes, random other products we don’t really know what to do with and can’t figure out how to politely dispose of (therefore a waste of resources in production and transport, and a pending landfill problem).

While I feel we should spend more time and resources on creating special memories with loved ones vs. filling their lives with more stuff, I recognize that people WILL consume nonetheless. Fortunately, there are products / gift ideas that are actually useful and meaningful.

I’ve made a rundown of Zero Waste Gift Ideas for varying budgets, recipient personas (for the foodies, the style savvy, zero waste explorers, travelers, etc.), and recipient sensibilities to zero waste living (from not so savvy, to those ready take it to the next level).

Read all the way ’til the end for the best (and bonus) ideas, and zero waste factoids! 🙂 (more…)

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MUNI Travels to Negros: A mindful travel experience on March 9-14, 2018

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This coming March 9-14, 2018, we are creating a transformative 6D/5N experience in Negros Occidental for a small group of ~8-12 intrepid travelers. Think MUNI Meetup on wheels! Visit places, meet people, learn new things, create meaningful connections. (Read on and apply to join the trip here.)

#MUNIonThis: A large part of living a more mindful, sustainable life is choosing to spend on enriching experiences vs. stuff.

Undoubtedly, travel is a large part of that, especially for our generation where seat sale alerts and travel deals abound, where we have all these guide books or online resources, checklists of sights for Instagram-worthy stories, posts and selfies to show our friends how well-traveled we are and how enviable our lives can be.

How can we change this checklist travel mindset?

While we don’t see travelers necessarily cutting back on their flights, or airlines switching from fossil fuels just yet, we do see that there are opportunities to create a travel experience that positively impacts both the traveler and the locals (human, flora and fauna) alike. (more…)

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6 Zero Waste Travel Tips from an Island Manager and a Solo Female Traveler

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#MUNIonThis: If we are not more mindful, travel can be one of our most environmentally disruptive activities, shared Dave Albao, Executive Director of the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation Inc. (PRRCFI), the organization behind the conservation and management of Danjugan Island, during the MUNI Meetup on Zero Waste Ways in Travel last September 30, 2017.

Dave invited us to consider that when we visit another place, we expect entertainment and demand convenience, and in that process, we create shifts in cultural norms and natural landscapes.

However, have you wondered what life (and island “development” and sanitation) was like in Boracay before its nightlife came to be? Or what the feeding and migratory patterns of the butanding (whale sharks) were before people flocked Oslob to see them? (more…)

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MUNI Meetup: Zero Waste Ways at Home and in Travel on Sept. 30 at Batala Bar

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As a result of MUNI Community interest in Zero Waste Living, coming from our first meetup on the topic at the MUNI Market last April, to our second one last July, and the desire to discover more practical, actionable ways to live with less waste…we bring you this upcoming meetup!

Join us on September 30 at Batala Bar (see photos below), as we bring you a back-to-back series of MUNI Meetups to talk trash and cut the crap!

We’ll be sharing practical solutions to reduce waste at home (from cleaning to composting), and outside of the home – when you travel. 🙂 (more…)

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4 Ways To Create a Waste-free Travel Experience

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Our impact as travelers begins before we set foot in a destination, and well after we have left it.

Zero Waste Ways in Travel + Impacts of Plastic Pollution

When travelers think of Responsible Travel or “Sustainable Tourism”, we try to look for experiences, operators or accommodations that have sustainable practices, support local communities, conserve environments, protect wildlife, etc. One of the visible issues every tourism stakeholder (whether traveler, tour operator, accommodation or destination) can relate to is plastic waste. (more…)