Muni comes from the Filipino word “muni-muni“, which means to think, ponder, muse, or reflect.


We believe in creating a culture of mindfulness about how we shop, eat, and travel everyday. We believe that each individual, no matter what you do or where you’re from, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a writer, a teacher, an artist, an economist, an environmentalist, has his or her own part to play in making the world a little bit better.

Furthermore, we believe this shift in mindset and behavior can happen by sharing knowledge, and more importantly, by building a community that can help support and sustain this change.

We believe that the things you buy, what you eat, how you travel, and who you surround yourself are a statement about the person you want to be. What choices are you opting to make?

We believe in enhancing people and the planet rather than the continuous exploitation of it.
We believe in spending on experiences and growth rather than an accumulation of stuff.
We believe in small steps towards sustainability rather than big complaints coupled with inaction.
We believe in the power of each and every individual, regardless of age, background, rank, race, or industry, to create positive change for his / her community and the planet.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”
– Rumi


Since MUNI’s inception in November 2012, we’ve encouraged people to think more consciously and ask questions about how they shop, eat, and travel through meaningful events and experiences.

We began with our MUNI Meetups in 2013, where we spark conversations and connect like-minded people for sustainable living, and then started our MUNI Markets later in June 2014, where we showcase healthy, local, eco-friendly products alongside educational talks, workshops and live music performances.

Since we started, we’ve organized over 50 MUNI Meetups in the Philippines (mostly Manila, but also in Cebu, Iloilo, Naga, and Cagayan de Oro) and in Berlin, Germany and in the US. The first MUNI Market was in June 2014 with 16 merchants and over 700 visitors, and we’ve since organized our MUNI Markets annually, and grown the number of participating merchants and guests by ~300% as of October 2015.

We continue to grow in number, and with this community, grow our commitment to finding ways to create a healthier, more sustainable world.


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