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Join the first Muni Meetup of 2015 on January 31 at Commune, Makati!

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#MUNIonThis: Are you looking for people passionate and/or eager to learn about creativity, sustainability, and mindful living? Have you been following Muni but have yet to meet our team and create a personal connection? Do you want to contribute to the community with what you do well?

Here’s your chance! Start the year on a hopeful and empowering note by joining us at our first Muni Meetup of the year!

True to Muni’s warm and friendly fashion, our meetups are meant to be casual hangouts that connect fellow dreamers and doers for a better planet.

No age limit. No gender preferences.
We just ask that you come in with an open mind, and hopefully, bring a friend who might be interested / a friend you want to influence too. 🙂

[RSVP by sharing this photo or blog post with the hashtag #MuniMeetup! Also, fill out the form below so we can get to know you better! :D]

MUNI Meetup MNL 2015-01-31

There is no fee to join the meetup.
We just ask that you support our partner venue, Commune, by getting something to drink or eat, and that you share this event, and later, your experience with us, with the hashtag #MuniMeetup and tagging @Muni_PH on Twitter or Instagram. 🙂

[RSVP by sharing this photo or blog post with the hashtag #MuniMeetup! Also, fill out the form below so we can get to know you better! :D]


  • Learn about sustainable habits for 2015 from your fellow attendees
  • Share your plans and ideas (and thus holding yourself to them)
  • Gain a support network and added information / resources for your goals
  • Learn more about Muni’s upcoming events / projects and how you can get involved by doing what you love and/or what you do well 🙂

Also, join the Facebook event page for updates, and do invite your friends too!

* We’re also looking to grow the Muni team, and are specifically looking for:

  • Writers (article writers and copywriters)
  • Editors
  • Graphic designers
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Social media managers
  • Event / project coordinators

Please connect with us if you’d like to be an active member of the team by joining team meetings once / twice a month + engaging in weekly online / email / Facebook updates. We’re doing a whole lot of events from March to July, and we’d love for you to get involved! 😀

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