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MUNI Market Day v2.0: A community event for healthy and sustainable living

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Last October 25 and November 8, 2014, mindful merchants, conscious consumers, and various creatives converged to share and discover ways to live a happier, healthier, more sustainable lifestyle at Muni Market Day v2.0 at Capitol Commons.

As part of Muni’s thrust to promote mindful living and conscious consumption, the group doubled its merchants this time around, compared to its first run last June 1, 2014, evidence of the growing movement for health, wellness, and sustainability.

“We want to make choosing better a way of life by presenting people with better options for how they shop, eat, travel, and more. We want to create a culture of caring, and build a support network where we can all share and learn from each other about different ways we can live more mindfully,” shares Muni’s Chief Collaborator Jen Horn.

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A Growing Community

Since its inception in November 2012, Muni has been organically growing the movement through informative content, campaigns, and events that introduce new ways of thinking about wellness and sustainability, and encourage people to care more about their impact on their community and the planet. And more than just providing merchants an avenue to sell through Muni Market Day, Muni’s main thrust was to promote awareness, to educate, and to foster a sense of community among merchants and guests.

“Muni Market Day was able to help us connect with like-minded people who want to reduce their negative impact to the environment,” said Carl Mamawal, CEO of Nyfti, a brand of Philippine-made 3-fold bicycles.

“The message we want to share is better sent across – it’s about time that people in both rural and urban areas become mindful of what they consume, how they consume, and what they can do for the environment that provides for them,” shared Jen Aquino of Lotus Pod, an organic farm in Laguna.

The event had a wide array of products to cater to a more socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle with plants, produce, and urban farming by The Green House Project, Lotus Pod, and Bahay Kubo Organics, home décor by Marsse Tropical Timber, What If Handmade, Tupai Dumagat Sculptors, and Domesticity, fashion and lifestyle products by Sooc Social Ventures, Gugu, Tala Luna, Gouache, and Luntian Bags, personal, home and pet care products by V&M Naturals, Organic Basket, Plantex, and Wonder Paws, and items for craft, music, and bike enthusiasts from CraftMNL and Hocus, Four Strings, and Nyfti Bicycles respectively.

The market also featured food merchants offering vegetarian or vegan-friendly options, packed with a whole lot of goodness for body and your palate, proof that healthy, wholesome, sustainable food can taste great too. Food merchants included Edgy Veggy, Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant, The Superfood Grocer, Leaf Kitchen, Kitchen Revolution, Picolé, Nipa Foods, Theo & Philo, Take Root, GK Enchanted Farm, Sorel Organics, while beverage merchants included KKK Coffee, Tsaa Laya, Stanford & Shaw, Joost, and Moonleaf Tea Shop.

Embracing Wellness & Sustainability

“I actually felt like I was in a family reunion, as all of the merchants were super friendly, accommodating, and open for chitchat and sampling,” shared visitor Cahea.

A visiting wellness and sustainability advocate Niña Terol also said that, “You may not know each other when you come to the market, but you come out of it making friends and meeting kindred spirits, with products that you would really love to come back for.”

Muni also put together forums with featured merchants and key resource people on Food for Health and Wellness, Farming in the City with Pia Rañada, agriculture and environment writer for Rappler, and Energy-saving at Home with Christopher Ng, energy program officer at WWF, and Jaafgie Garcia, CEO of Wattsmart on October 25. While Bahay Kubo Organics conducted an urban farming workshop, and CraftMNL and Hocus ran a series of upcycled crafting and screen-printing workshops on November 8.

Part of Muni’s effort to engage more of the creative community, and make sustainable lifestyle change all the more hip and happy included having live music by indie talents. “The performers and songs seemed very well curated – they really helped create an atmosphere of mindfulness and support for awesome local artists,” added Terol. “My only wish is for Muni to get bigger each year, for more merchants to participate, and for more consumers to make the switch toward more sustainable, mindful choices.”

“It feels like we’re at a tipping point now where more and more people are really choosing to be more purposeful in thought and action, and we’re glad to bear witness to that and help members of the community move towards a happier, healthier self, and ultimately, a happier, healthier planet. Muni has barely begun, and we’ve got a lot more in the pipeline for 2015,” shared Horn.

Muni Market Day is a continuing project by Muni, and will be starting its next run by 1st quarter of 2015. For more information, contact or log on to, or apply to be a merchant by sending an email to or filling out the online merchant application at

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