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Practicing The Art of Doing Nothing with Muni Market Day Workshops on November 8

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La Dolce Far Niente” – or “the sweetness of doing nothing”, is an Italian concept encourages us to find joy and beauty in wherever we are, with whatever we are doing, or choosing not to do. And in her book “The Art of Doing Nothing“, Veronique Vienne validates that this doing “nothing” simply means making time for yourself so that we can center ourselves through mindful being, rather then frenetic doing.

Doing nothing, when done right, doesn’t equate to a lack of productivity or having a black hole in one’s day, but more of a purposeful choosing not to do things that aren’t conventionally perceived as “productive work”. It is about doing more by doing less, and being fully present.

Doing something with one’s hands, crafting, or some farming or gardening, have frequently been on the top of the list of things to do to do nothing (ironically).

And so, we’d like to invite you, and your friends and family, to join us for some upcycled crafting, and also learn more about starting your own urban farm (and why it matters) at Muni Market Day with workshops from our friends from Craft MNL, Hocus, and Bahay Kubo Organics on November 8, starting at 9:30AM.

Slots are limited, so pre-register for workshop slot/s at the end of this post.

CraftMNL WorkshopsHocus WorkshopsBKO Workshop

Each workshop can only accommodate a limited number of attendees.

Find out what more to expect from Muni Market Day on November 8 here.
Learn more about why we’re putting Muni Market Day together for you here.

See you you on Saturday, yes? 🙂


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