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AUGUST: Simplify Your Life

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“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need,” – Tyler Durden in Fight Club

MUNILEAF Simplicity - OJ Desuasido
Simplify by OJ Desuasido for the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner

Of all the stuff you own, how many of those have you used in the past 6 months?

Many times, we buy a lot of stuff on impulse, without realizing that we really don’t need them. In the process, we waste the product’s embodied energy — or the amount of energy that went into creating it.

Sadly, many of us often find ourselves stuck in a cycle where we keep buying more and more things, led to thinking that somehow this is a source of real happiness. So we then slave away to make more money to buy more stuff, and on and on the cycle goes. What do we end up with after all that? A cramped house, filled with more things than we can actually use, enjoy, or afford. An empty wallet as well, not to mention the guilt of helping add to the mountain of junk that makes its way into our forests, farmlands, street, and waterways.

How can we then lessen useless clutter and create more freedom to do more meaningful things and lead fuller lives?

Create a shopping strategy and think about how often / how long you’ll actually be using something when you buy it, and what you might do with it when you’re done with it.

How many pieces do you actually need of one thing? Do you need to get that shirt in 5 colors? The average cotton shirt needs some 2700L of water to be produced. [1] Weigh what’s necessary and decide on what is essential.

Take  a few tips
Take some tips from MUNI advocate Fifi Quimbo at 2:50-4:00 on de-cluttering and creating a more eco-friendly wardrobe in this MUNI feature on Green Living TV

After weeding out your essentials, maximize the embodied energy of your other stuff by selling it to others who might have better use for it, and earn some cash in the process!

In what other ways can you live a simpler yet ultimately more satisfying life? Do share!


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