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JULY: Mind Your Mind in 4 Simple Ways

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Are your thoughts working in your favor? What is your mindset, and how does it help you and others move forward?

Do you find your mind swimming in a variety of past memories, future worries, and present external stresses? You can manage your mind so that it serves as your ally.

At MUNI, we usually talk about mindful living in the context of our impact on community & planet. This July, as we hit the mid-year point, we’re taking the time to go back to the self (and we hope you will too).

It's A Nice Day by Apol Sta. Maria for the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner
It’s A Nice Day by Apol Sta. Maria for the Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner

Remember: only you are in control of your life and your happiness. Here are some simple things you can try to get yourself in a better state, and be your best self today. Give them a try today! 🙂

It’s a popular suggestion for stress relief for a reason. Pausing for a moment to take in a few deep breaths can do wonders in helping calm your mind.

Notice things around you in the present moment. Sometimes, we lose ourselves in the past or future, when instead, we can choose to be fully here and now where our thoughts and actions have the greatest impact.

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Stand up straight, hold your head up, smile, punch your fist up to the sky and shout “Darna!” – you’re bound to feel better after that! By the way, we recommend doing this in a room where you’re alone. 😛

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Finding joy even in the most seemingly mundane or routine life experiences can make life a lot more bearable a lot more interesting.

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What other things do you do to put yourself in a better frame of mind? 🙂


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