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Lessons on Turning Dreams Into Reality from The Dream Expo MNL

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“Any powerful idea is absolutely fascinating and absolutely useless until we choose to use it.”
– Richard Bach, author of One

Last June 11-13, 2014 at the Asian Development Bank, MUNI had the unique privilege of bring part of #TheDreamExpoMNL, a 3-day exposition that celebrates and features 32 inspiring Filipino innovators from various fields of social innovations and regions. Through this event, we learned about how others are helping in the country’s development, and how other dreamers could also turn their ideas into actions and create positive impact in the country.

Dreams for the Philippines & actions for today

Good news is, you don’t really have to be a social entrepreneur, an NGO starter, or a government official to have the power to change things and solve problems of the country and of the world. You can help with recognizing the power of choice – by choosing to live a life of meaning in our daily decisions, big and small, both in the work that we do, and how we are elsewhere.

In opening the event, Bam Aquino shared, “Ten years ago, everyone was calling us as the sick man of Asia”. Now, The Philippine’s growth in GDP reached 7.2% and we are now second to China, who fared with a 7.7% growth. Social entrepreneurs are building the power plants of social equity and inclusive growth, and conscious consumers will be the fuel that will keep the plant running. We need to support local businesses that cater to social good.

Believe in our culture

“Ang ganda, parang hindi sa Pilipinas”. This can actually be heard frequently through friends, family, strangers, and in other media, about different aspect of the Philippines found to be beautiful; products, places, sub-cultures, or even infrastructures. This disconnect exists because of a lack of information about the beauty of our culture, such that pride of place is absent, and colonial mentality takes over, something many of the innovators at The Dream Expo MNL hoped to dispel.
Photo c/o Dream Expo MNL
Photo c/o The Dream Project

Spend or put your money on social good

“Walang kwenta ang magandang-magandang produkto kung walang bibili.” – @Gidygids #TheDreamExpoMNL

— (@Muni_PH) June 11, 2014

Helping innovations is also very accessible. There are loads of emerging social entrerprise brands pioneering in design and ethical production.
Support your local farms and farmers
Did you know that we import 98% of our dairy goods from New Zealand and we even import 4% from singapore that doesn’t have cows, wherein we can actually do this in the Philippines.
Cherrie Atillano of Agricool and GK Enchanted Farm added:
“We eat chocolate from countries that don’t even have a single cacao tree — we grow the cacao export the beans at a cheap price and goes back to us at 10x the price. If we support our local farmers by supporting local social enterprises and local goods from local produce, they will be more enabled to produce and we can increase their income.”
Tour local
A myriad of places and culture to discover in 7,107 islands. Explore the country and immerse yourself in different ttypees off adventure and sustain livelihood off our countrymen.

The choice is in your hands

On the 3rd day of the expo, after the speakers had primed participants to do good and create positive impact, the participants benefitted from a session to help concretize their ideas with mentors from Kawil Tours for business plan creation, Works of Heart for branding, MUNI for partnerships, Bahay Kubo Organics for prototyping, and The Spark Project for fundraising.

At the end of the day, our dreams can only take us so far if we don’t act upon them.

The Dream Project PH

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