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Homegrown / Healthy Food Finds @ MUNI Market Day

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Fashion forward social businesses weren’t the only stars of the show that day. Enterprises selling organic farm produce and locally-sourced food were also in abundance at the MUNI Market last Sunday, all promoting local food traditions, healthy consumption, and the welfare of farmers and small communities.

It was nothing short of enlightening and inspiring to learn about Philippine organic farming communities and the delicious products that can be made from our country’s natural resources (including fermented honey mead, calamansi vinaigrette, and cashew butter!). I was even able to meet some members of the farming communities responsible for making all these amazing fruits, vegetables, and other food available to us market goers.

Check out some of the food businesses that set up shop at the market! 🙂

Lotus Pod

Located in Bay, Laguna, Lotus Pod is a farm that produces all kinds of organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs. The farmers take care not to use any artificial fertilizers, so customers can experience the authentic tastes of these locally-grown ingredients.

Lotus Pod
Their stall was one of my favorites. I was immediately drawn to it because of the beautiful arrangement of produce! I bought some salted duck eggs to take home, and the woman at the stall told me the eggs were also sourced from their farm.



Lotus Pod Website | Facebook
email –
phone – 0917-515-3352
viber – 0917-878-9103

Tsaa Daloy

Tsaa Daloy is the first premium brand of Philippine teas in the world. Their teas are made from organic Philippine herbs (originally used for medicinal purposes), sourced from local farmers and indigenous communities in order to aid in their income and promote organic farming in the country. These local herbs are combined with classic herbs and spices to create signature tea blends free of any artificial flavorings.

Tsaa Daloy
Tsaa Daloy offers a bundle of their various tea blends, so you can sample all of them and choose which ones you like best.
Tsaa Daloy
Some of Tsaa Daloy’s tea blends. According to them, the Philippines’ rich biodiversity makes it a treasure trove of herbal ingredients that are yet to be accessed and enjoyed as tea.
Tsaa Daloy
Steeping the tea!

Tsaa Daloy Website | Facebook
Phone – 929-0212 

Theo & Philo

Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates is a bean-to-bar maker of single origin Philippine chocolates. They prioritize sourcing  ingredients locally as much as possible, and get their beans straight from the farmers. They offer a variety of unique and tantalizing flavors, all inspired by the food and ingredients all we Filipinos know and love.

Theo & Philo
The designs on these wrappers are so eye-catching and unique!
Theo & Philo
The flavor descriptions are all so interesting, if I could I’d try them all. And I bet you’d love to do that too!
Theo & Philo
I was able to try one of their bestsellers, Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo. It has a rich cocoa flavor that’s not overly sweet (it’s actually bittersweet, perfect for fans of the authentic cocoa flavor), with the strong kick of spicy siling labuyo. I highly recommend it!

Theo & Philo Website | Facebook
Email –
Mobile – (0920) 431-5650

Nipa Foods

Nipa Foods is a brand selling innovative, premium quality, natural, and responsibly sourced local foodstuffs, gathered from all over the Philippines. Behind the brand is a group of young, idealistic Filipinos who believe in sourcing locally, as a means of developing the countryside.

Nipa Foods Mead Honey Wine
Their mead (seen above) is made with fermented honey from Batangas, combined with various fruits sourced from all over the country. I was lucky enough to be able to have a sip, and I’m telling you, it was delicious. The flavors of the fruits shine through and it’s the right kind of sweet, plus it’s not so bitter for a drink with 12% alcohol.

Email –
Mobile – 0927-393-6968
Instagram – @nipafoods

GK Enchanted Farm

GK Enchanted Farm is the canvas for Gawad Kalinga’s second phase of the 2024 road map to end poverty. What was originally an idle and unproductive land is now a vast farmland and community that will sustain its people for years to come, thanks to products created by the members of the community themselves, using their farm’s resources. Named after its place of origin (Barangay Encanto, Bulacan), the farm has become a “silicon valley” of sorts for social businesses that aim to help the community and promote Filipino products.

First Harvest Peanut Butter
GK Enchanted Farm’s First Harvest peanut spread. I sampled both the original and the pinipig-mixed versions. Both were very creamy and rich in flavor, and quite frankly, some of the best peanut butter I have ever tasted!
Golden Egg GK Enchanted Farm
Some other products that caught my attention because of the interesting concepts (and cute packaging!) – Calamansi Vinaigrette and The Golden EGG‘s Salted Golden Duck Eggs.
Plush & Play
Who could resist buying these adorable fruit and veggie plushies from Plush and Play?! I got the garlic one and named it Grubby! 🙂

GK Enchanted Farm Website | Facebook
The Golden EGG | First Harvest | Plush and Play
First Harvest Peanut Butter Spark Project Campaign
Mobile –  0916-225-3363

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Social businesses like the ones featured in MUNI Market Day are all doing their part to help Filipino communities, and we can also help by raising awareness and supporting their creations. After seeing the kind of products they put out, I think we all can agree that it’s well worth the money.

[Credits to Chloe Cabrera for this article from her blog]


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