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#TGIFF: A Campaign to Fuel Filipino Innovation and Pride

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With developments in the Philippine economy (7.2% GDP growth, 2nd only to China in the region with a 7.7% growth), and the rise of socially and environmentally conscious Filipino Cultural Creatives (with an ever increasing MUNI community), I believe this is truly the best time to be Filipino! Don’t you?

Because of this, MUNI has partnered with like-minded organizations: Bahay Kubo Organics, Works of Heart, Kawil Tours, Gugu, The Dream Project, and The Spark Project to spread the love for country, and the fire to make things better for our motherland through #TGIFF, a collaborative campaign to fuel Filipino innovation & pride. And for this we ask, what is your Filipino dream? And what are you proudest of as a Filipino? 🙂

TGIFF Thank God It's Filipino Friday


For MUNI, our dream is to make the Philippines the dynamic hub and ecosystem of creative, mindful, cause-driven activities in the world! And to start by creating a culture of caring – making every Filipino conscious of the things they do, choose, and use everyday to contribute to a better Philippines!

We want the Philippines to be the origin of where artists, writers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, educators, health practitioners, athletes, filmmakers, chefs – all Cultural Creatives, collaborate to send a unified message of creating positive impact in our communities while minimizing impact on our environment, in ways easily replicable by everyone, because one small act, replicated by a hundred, a thousand, a million people is HUGE.

Our OFWs have already made a name for the country as the origin of the world’s best caregivers, and we’ve got the most creative people in the planet!

So, our dream now is for every Filipino to serve as an example that caring for your community and the planet is cool, fun, and easy, and that carrying your country’s name proudly is the best way to care for your country. 😀

#TGIFF (Thank God it’s Filipino Friday) is an continuing campaign to increase Filipino innovation and pride. Help us help our fellow Filipinos dream bigger for our country by sharing this campaign and your dream with the hashtag #TGIFF and tag us @MUNI_PH!

Then maybe, we can all take whatever actions to spread the love for country – whether it’s supporting proudly Filipino products, produce, art, music, film, travel, and influencing fellow kababayans to embrace our roots and even make non-Filipinos fall in love with our country!


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