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Of Style and Sustainability: This Upcycled Bag Creates Jobs in Disaster Zones

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#MUNIonThis: What if you could look cool while doing a whole lot of good?

There’s more than meets the eye to this hipster backpack with interiors made from upcycled denim. Beyond the bag, this is a promising business model that can change the way we respond to disasters in the Philippines.



The team behind Taclob created this project with the belief that offering the bag to pledges allows just about anyone to become an ambassador for this initiative. Let the message echo clearly and burn bright like the red backpacks: It has been many months since typhoon Haiyan struck, and NOW is the time to help survivors help themselves. Many in the affected areas are ready to get back to work, but job opportunities are limited. This is one way to help.

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For each $100 pledge, you get the super cool red backpack in the photo, and help fund rehabilitation efforts in affected areas. Those efforts include seminars for crisis preparedness, climate change awareness, and psychosocial trauma mitigation. For each bag you buy, you also give one multi-functional back-to-school/survival backpack to a child survivor that’s specially designed to serve as an emergency floatation device. Most importantly, you help create sustainable jobs for survivors (the bag factory that will create your bag and the child’s bag).

Learn more about Taclob and support their Indiegogo project here.


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