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Highlights from MUNI’s Biyaheng Lokal Quiz Night

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“The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination.” 
― Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Fall of Atlantis

We had more participants than expected as MUNI, together with Trail Adventours and Route +63, hosted our first ever Biyaheng Lokal Quiz Night! This event, held last April 11 at 47 East, Katipunan, promoted mindful and responsible travel as the questions ventured into local destinations and landmarks while having fun and meeting new friends along the way. Biyaheng Lokal Quiz Night by MUNI We mixed things up as participants were grouped together in random teams of 4-5, who then have to give the best answers in four rounds of challenging yet fun trivia questions. The team with the highest scores each round won exciting prizes provided by MUNI and partners. Check out this video of highlights c/o Mia Bautista of Route +63: Several other prizes were also raffled away in between rounds, such as travel essentials, accessories and gift certificates from our partners: Culture Shock PHLagu, Moonleaf Tea Shop, RuMeTala LunaKultura Kamp, Gouache, Brownman Surf, and Kawil Tours. CoKr425 - ImguromtCPqj - Imgur Gouache - Imgur bWLIEs6 - Imgur  hSJUZf8 One especially lucky guest even won a slot in a 4-days, 3-nights Coron-Cuillon tour, courtesy of Kawil Tours! We believe that in discovering the beauty found in our very own land, we also discover a little more about ourselves and our cultural identity. We also believe that the responsible traveler minimizes their impact on the environment as much as possible as they go through this journey of discovery. In doing so, we preserve this for future generations of travellers to come and experience for themselves. — Check out some of MUNI’s own tours! • Biyaheng Burda ISDA x MUNI Open Dive

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