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Green Living Advocates at MUNI’s Green Tea Party

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#MUNIonThis: In what endeavors / organizations can mindful living be a core value?

Last March 1, 2014, MUNI held its 2nd Manila HOHOL (hang out hang out lang) at Moonleaf Tea Shop, this time themed as #GREENteaparty, and gathering environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and organizations sharing their products / services and eco-living practices in manufacturing / consumption, travel, and food / diet.

MUNI Green Tea Party HOHOL at Moonleaf

The participants proved that it is possible to incorporate, and also, ground their business ideology to mindful production of their products whilst being a culturally beneficial endeavor.

I personally encourage you to learn more about the brands and practices that were discussed and how you can collaborate with them (through design, volunteering or partnerships). Just shoot them a message through their Facebook pages. Here are some of the awesome groups / individuals open to partnerships:



Its business principle is designed to create jobs and give back to the people affect by typhoon Haiyan (hence its name Taclob, it is also a Tacloban-based business). Their product, the Compassion Bag, is a backpack made from tarp material and its inside lining and shoulder straps are made from upcycled denim.


Their backpack designs are limited to one a piece. The best part is, they support fair-trade and guarantees free repairs on any of their durable backpacks.


Non-Timber Forest Products-Exchange Program (NTFP-EP)
This group sources their raw materials from indigenous groups in the country. What’s interesting is that in order to source their raw materials they foster relationships with our indigenous tribes who make tribal cloths. This venture not only champion’s Filipino craftsmanship but it also creates a purpose for the younger generation of these tribes to preserve their tradition.



Route +63
Mindful travelling is also possible. Route +63 links tourists to their local partners in provinces (such as LGUs) as an added feature to their tour. An example of this is their Bataan tour wherein they have partnered with LGUs spearheading the turtle rehabilitation in Bataan. Their tours double as an immersion to the way of life of the locals in the area.

This in turn, encourages locals to pursue jobs in the tourism industry while increasing awareness on issues that people can make a difference by being involved.


Ever heard of skin diving? ISDA (Institusyon ng mga Skin Diver ng Ateneo) promotes skin diving as a way to grow an appreciation for our oceans. They’ve begun hosting open dives for interested participants to join their diving trips, allowing participants to learn how to skin dive responsibly.


Enchanted Farm Café
Located along Commonwealth Avenue, this restaurant that envisions itself as an alternative to fast food chains. They offer a healthy-balanced food selection made from organic produce. Being partners of GK’s Enchanted Farm, they are practically running a business that promotes good eats while creating job opportunities.

#High5Life by Health Justice

1486872_248380481992408_264852011_nHigh5Life is an advocacy campaign promoting healthy living in 5 areas being:  healthy diet, physical activity, tobacco control, alcohol control & road safety. They will be holding the High5Life Fair & Fun Ride on March 30, 3-8pm at Mercato Centrale. You can visit their FB page to see what they have lined up for this event.

Looking back, the afternoon’s discussion proved that going for the mindful way of doing business creates a collaborative involvement between customers, producers, and entrepreneurs making their products meaningful.

The afternoon was also graced by folks from ANC’s Green Living so you can look forward to seeing this MUNI Manila HOHOL on the telly.

PLUS: I did get a discount on Moonleaf’s milk tea by bringing my own reusable cup. You should do that too, or insist that your local cafe picks up the habit.

MUNI Green Tea Party HOHOL at Moonleaf

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