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MARCH: Eat Better

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#MUNIonThis: Do you know that how eat affects your body and the planet too?

Oftentimes, we think that the decision to eat better is something that just affects our own bodies. Truth of the matter is, there is a greater impact on the planet than we realize, and here’s a few things we’ve picked up along the way.

Eat less meat

Going meatless just once a week can already lessen your environmental impact! Livestock farming and meat production cause more greenhouse gas emissions than all automobiles in the world combined. One of the funny, yet true reasons behind this is that cows burp and fart methane, a more dangerous GreenHouse Gas than CO2. So if you can eat less meat, better! Baby steps! [Read 8 Reasons To Ease On Meat]

Eat more veggies

Since we’re encouraging you to lessen meat, we’re also sharing your alternatives. Apart from the fact that veggies are good for you, the resources it takes to produce food for one meat-eater can sustain 14 vegetarians. And vegetables can be delicious, when prepared right! [Check out Edgy Veggy Vegetarian Cafe]

Brown vs. White

Whenever possible, choose brown rice vs. white rice, as brown rice requires less energy to be processed and is therefore a healthier, more eco-friendly option. [See Dakila’s Brown Rice campaign]

Slow Food vs. Fast Food

Eating food prepared in a wholesome manner, with fresh, less processed ingredients is the way to go! It’s a healthier choice, and you create significantly less waste by avoiding wasteful disposables. [Read Why Slow Food Tastes Best]

There’s a lot of grey areas with food and a “greener” way of living in general, but the important thing is to be aware of your choices, cultivate a practice of asking about your food, weighing your options, and choosing with this information in mind.

There’s many small ways you can improve your diet, and it starts with making more conscious choices whenever possible, even in times where it doesn’t seem to matter. Because it actually does. 😉

MUNILEAF Eat Better - Alessa Lanot
Artwork by Alessa Lanot for Muni x Moonleaf 2014 Planner

If you happen to be based in Cebu and are free on March 15, 2014, check out this event to connect with Cebuanos passionate about healthy eating, and find out about how you can improve your diet and lifestyle through food!


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