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Social Problems are Design Problems 2021

Design is all around us, in our everyday objects, images, places and experiences. What if all that is designed with a future in mind that is better than today? And when sustainability is no longer enough, how do we move forward and design for and beyond a world that finds itself in crisis?

This October 8-9, we are exploring regenerative and circular design with And a Half at Social Problems are Design Problems 2021, a two-day virtual design conference. We're super excited to see some old friends and meet new ones, to figure out how we can design a better, regenerative world together.


Letters from Nature Campaign

This Earth Month (and onwards), join us to pause and reflect on lessons from nature, as we reconnect ourselves with our natural world through #lettersfromnature.

Inspired by the wisdom of our planet, we invite you to write a letter or message as a living being or element in nature. You could be the sun, the sea, a songbird, a specific tree near your home or in your memories, corals—it's up to you! If you embodied this living creature, what would you want to say?

Check out the full mechanics to join #lettersfromnature!


Muni is a community for mindful, compassionate living.

Muni Meetup Breakout Group

We grow this community by creating supportive and enabling environments for reflections and conversations towards shaping a world that is more mindful, equitable. sustainable and livable.

We believe the power of community can help make a sustainable world more understandable, hopeful and actionable. Our community is made up of like-hearted human beings who care deeply about people and the planet. We stand by the principles of conscious and mindful living, and all we do is with the intention of making that more possible for the greater collective.


MUNI on This is a podcast where we reflect on the challenges and possibilities in creating a more mindful and livable world. We started MUNI on This to deal with our personal and collective distress about the state of our planet. But more importantly, we created this to give ourselves and you guys reasons to hope and motivation to act.

It was created by MUNI, and hosted and written by Jen Horn and Ayen dela Torre. Find out more via or find us on Instagram @muni_ph.

Projects & Partnerships

Collaborating with like-hearted people

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Building Community and Holding Space

We gather community by asking questions, actively listening with curiosity, sharing stories and holding space for voices who want to take action and transform a culture of caring for our planet.

We hope to help people reflect on their role as active citizens, make more conscious choices in how they live, and spark conversations on the challenges and possibilities in creating a more mindful and livable world.

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Whether you’re just getting started on living mindfully, or are well on your way already, we aim to deliver resources and experiences, and bridge you with other folks who want to help create a better world too.

If you have any questions or ideas for collaboration, just send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you 🤗